Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Should I start Santana Moss vs NO or Eddie Royal vs San Diego?

Not sure this week. Eddie Royal had a great game vs Oakland but Brandon Marshall will be back so not sure what to do.

Thanks|||Santana for sure, Eddie Royal had a great coming out party in Week 1 but Brandon Marshall will be back for Week 2 and he will take at least half of those catches away.

Hang on to Royal though, there is a chance that as the season develops Marshall will draw coverage and Royal will have a great fantasy year( a la Houshmanszadeh) don't count on it against San Diego though, unlike Oakland they CAN pressure the QB.|||Washington looked terrible last week against the Giants. But, you never know if and/or when they'll get it together. And, when they do, Moss will get you some good points. Problem is that he's inconsistent, with 100+ yards and 2 TDs one week, and then 19 yards and no TDs the next.

On the other hand, I'm not sure what to expect out of Royal in Week 2. After all, the Broncos played the hopelessly hapless Raiders. Next week they're going up against a good San Diego secondary at home in Denver. And, don't let that game against Carolina fool you. The defensive starters were flat and were obviously trying to hard to make the big play on defense, trying to live up to the hype from 2007. Look them to get back to a more methodical style of play and give Cutler a lot more trouble than Oakland did.

Also, Brandon Marshall is coming back. So, he'll definitely be the go-to guy for Cutler. Although he may be used as a decoy on a number of plays, Royal will still have to share a number of looks with the Denver tight ends and Brandon Stokley.

I would go with Santana Moss for now. But, keep an eye on Royal's performance and the Broncos' opponents over the next few weeks. And, if Moss isn't doing it for you, don't be afraid to slip Royal in against a good match-up.|||Don't get too enamored with Eddie Royal just yet - he's only played in ONE game. Moss is a proven commodity and regardless of matchup he's always capable of putting up big numbers. He's also the top receiver for his team. Denver will have Marshall back so Royal won't get near the looks. I'd go with Moss.|||The skins do not look good. We have a mediocre qb and there is no chemistry on the team right now. Redskins are my home team but I don't think theyre gonna cut it even against NO defense. I'd risk Royal against the San Diego defense. But it is a tough call cause that D can be real tough.|||I'd go with Moss, NO's secondary can be had easily, plus Brandon Marshall will be back in the Broncos lineup next week and he's the go-to guy.|||Moss

Saints have no secondary

How will Johan Santana of the Mets and Cole Hamels of the Phillies to tonight against each other?

Give me your prediction of IP, H, ER, BB, and K's for both pitchers and I'll be sure to choose the closest as the best answer....now, if there are 2 identical predictions (which I highly doubt, I would conduct an unbiased (thats right, unbiased) coin flip).

So, Give me your prediction IP, H, ER, BB, K for both johan and cole.

thanks!|||Santana 7 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, 8 K

Hamels 6.1 IP, 6 H, 4 ER, 2 BB, 6 K|||I am predicting one of those 2-1 gem of a game scenarios. I think they both could and will go 7-8 strong innings, but will be the Phillies bullpen to give up the winning run.

Santana---8 IP -- 7 H--1ER--2BB--7K

Hamels--- 7 IP--- 6 H--1ER--4BB--6K|||Santana 6 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 6 K

Hamels 6 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 5 K|||Johan-5 2/3, 9H, 3ER, 1BB, and 6K.

Hamels-6 2/3, 4H, 2ER, 3BB, and 8K.

I think the Phillies will win 7-4|||Santana: 7.2 IP 2 ER 2 BB 8 K

Hamels: 7 IP 3 ER 3 BB 6 K|||Santana: 7.2 IP 5 H 2 ER 1 BB 8 K

Hamels: 7 IP 7 H 3 ER 2 BB 10 K

It's going to be a heck of a matchup.|||Hamels- 8IP 3H 2ER 3BB 8K's

Santana- 7IP 6H 4ER 2BB 7K's|||johan-7 IP,4 hits,2 er,1 bb,7k

hamels 8ip 5 hits 1er 2bb 10k|||As a Mets fan, I have to go with Johan \5-2 Mets win.......|||im honestly bnot sure, its way too close to call

its guna come down to whoever pitches better (obviously) and whoevers offense steps up, unfortuinately like thge phils are doing right now

Is it possible for the Twins to withdraw the trade before the Mets and Santana iron out a deal?

What happens if they wake up and they feel shafted and decide they would rather keep him for another year? Is it too late for that?|||No. The deal is done, and can only be broken if (1) the Mets don't get a long-term deal done, or (2) one of the players fail a physical (always a possibility).

Even if the physical were failed, unless it is a long-term impact injury, the Twins still might do the deal.

Santana is in essence like a used car right now -- he is a depreciating asset. When the Yanks and Sox bowed out, the amount of suitors with the cash to pay Santana stupid money dropped greatly.

If they back out of the Mets deal, you are left really with only LA or possibly Chitown with the $$ to do a deal. The deal would only get worse.|||Well, I believe both the Yankees and the Red Sox offer was better (before Jan. 1), the Twins still got an OK deal. The problem is, the Yanks pulled Hughes from the deal after Jan. 1 and the Red Sox wouldn't put Lester with Ellsbury. So those two deals really lost their appeal, so they either trade him to the Mets for some promising prospects, or let him walk for a draft pick after this season and we know how 1st round draft picks are not like they are in other sports.

But they waited and dragged this thing out for much too long. GM's like to have an almost complete image of their team after the New Year, and the Yanks decided they won't be played by the Twins and changed their offer.

So realistically, after everything I mentioned above, I think they made a good deal by picking the Mets offer, because their only real option, was to let him walk.

The Twins should NOT have kept him for another year, they stunk with Santana, and will stink with him for another year. This way, they get something out of it.|||I don't think they can back out now. They made the committment. Only the Mets have the option of backing away - and that's on;y based upon a poor physical or the inability to reach a long-term contract deal with Santana.|||I think they probably can but they're not in a financial position to sign him to a new contract for the kind of money he'll be after when he comes up for free agency so they will be better off taking the four prospects. I think the guys the Mets are offering are ok but nothing like the Yankees were offering.|||as an Indians fan, I am glad he is going to the Mets and not NYY. Thank you, Twinkies! ----%26gt; although Cleveland was 5-0 against Santana in 2007.|||Piss poor organization up ther in minny they kind of remind me of the Boston Bruins brass.

What episode on Glee season 1 do Santana & Brittany have their fight?

In season 1 there is an episode where the girls get into a huge fight when Brittany starts hanging with Quinn. Which one is this? Thanks!|||Are you talking about Duets? That's in the 2nd season... You could be talking about Throw down... I am a Glee expert. I have a Glee poster, a Glee calender and a Glee necklace. I know every Glee episode by heart and there is no episode that exactly matches your question. I think you are talking about Throw Down. Where Sue takes half the club and Schue takes the other half and they prepare for Sectionals. Sue takes Santana but not Brittany or Quinn. So hope this helps! :)

Will the Haren trade accelerate the fight to acquire Santana?

As teams lined up to take a shot at trading for Santana, the conventional wisdom was that they wouldn't push too hard, since they could always go after Haren if they didn't get Johan. Now that Haren is gone, do you think any teams will flinch, and give up the huge ransom that the Twins are asking for?|||i hope so im a twins fan|||No why would they want just santana when they could have had Haren and Santana

If they get Santana they would be so stupid

I have a WR slot open for week 7. Should I start Santana Moss, Doug Baldwin or Hayward Bey?

Please provide a reason for your answer. Thanks!|||Hayward-Bey has a very good match up, but with Boller starting, I would go with Baldwin this week. Moss could be okay, but the Panthers give up more fantasy points to RBs than any other defense - Washington is likely to be running a lot this week.|||I would go with Bey or Moss.

Should the Mets trade Jose Reyes for Johan Santana?

There are rumors that they would trade Santana for Reyes straight up. As a Mets fan I would rather them trade a three or four man combination of Pelfry, Humber, Gomez, Martinez or Milledge. What do you think?|||The Twins would NEVER give up the best pitcher in the world for Jose Reyes, that would be completely asinine.

.|||Even though Reyes didn't perform at the end of the season, he is still too valuable for the Mets to give up. I mean, the OBP, walks, and stolen bases are too much to give up. The Mets would rather give up Gomez or Lastings, and probably a couple of the players you mentioned. I agree completely with you.|||If i was a mets fan WHICH I WILL NEVER BE, i would rather do 4 for 1 also, especially cause they would get rid of milledge, but i wouldn't do santana for reyes straight up because reyes is a MET, not a TWIN, and that shouldnt change, also they can trade for dan haren by giving away 2 of those prospects!|||Reyes is younger and cheaper, on top of that they'd have to go out and get another SS. It would just complicate things for the Mets and their offseason plans.|||No its so dumb yes we need pitching but there are other guys out there. We could eric bernard from baltimore for a lower price. What we really should have done was make a trade for dtrain or harden.|||KEEP REYES. Santana will get up in years way before Reyes does. Furthermore, Reyes has a major impact every day. Santana has a major impact every five days.

Jose Reyes is the catalyst for this Mets team. When Reyes goes, the Mets go. He is a cornerstone player and should be considered virtually untouchable.

Go with a different combo, or look at Haren or Blanton. Santana is a money, big-game pitcher, but what the Mets really need right now are innings-eaters. They need to save the bullpen. If they do that, they should be all right. They don't necessarily need Santana. Too steep a price, I think.|||Its not a Reyes for Santana straight up Mets still need to include middle level prospects. The Twins have said they don't like Mets prospects they aren't as good as the Yankees or Red Sox in value.|||Gee, let's think about this. Why not ask should the Mets try to make it with a lame pitching staff. No offense, but the Mets need Santana worse than they need Reyes. The benefit of having Santana is far greater.|||I'm a Dodgers fan, but I completely agree with you trading those 3 or 4 players would way better than trading Reyes. But even so the more I think about it... the more I think that The Mets can't pass up Santana, if you have him in postseason you can ride him to the WS! I don't really think you can ride Reyes to the WS! Do you?|||And who, might I ask, will play shortstop? Andy Hernandez can't hit the broad side of a barn.|||Yes, it would be better to trade the three or four man combination. The Mets should trade Jose Reyes only if they can acquire a suitable shortstop/leadoff hitter to partially take his place.|||The unfortunate part of the game today is that the money is so big and players are always in motion so there is never a consistent core on most teams for longer than 2 or 3 seasons. The Mets have strong components to building that with Reyes and Wright -- two young all stars with tremendous potential. While he had a less than stellar end to 2007 (as did the team), I wouldn't deal away half of that combo -- even if it is for Santana. With the Mets' luck, old Johan would blow out his arm halfway into the season, and then where would they be? As a lifelong Mets fan, we've paid the price too often. Conclusion: Pass if the deal includes Reyes.|||That's just crazy.... Reyes is just about the best all around player in the game. I couldn't imagine them trading him for anyone...especially not Santana (who showed signs of being a normal pitcher last year)|||Omar Minaya has publicly stated that they will not include Jose Reyes in any trade.|||NO.. and if Omar did agree (he has already stated that they would not be trading Jose).. I would have to find myself a new team.|||I would never trade Reyes for Santana that is just insane! Pitchers thrive on good defense and Reyes is arguably the best SS in the game right now,remove him from the Mets infield equasion and a big hole will open up. And with David Wright's multiple throwing errors the left side would become very weak. It sounds like the Twins expect way to much for thier guy.

I would move Wright to first, so he doesn't have to throw as much, trade Delgado,Humber,Pelfry and Heilman in exchange for Santana. If they don't want this deal they could go to the Stankees who will pay anything for a super all star team that chokes in the first round. The Mets should focus on a third base man, Cabrera and Dontrell would do great here in Flushing.